The Sou'West farm animal tours

Sou'West Cottages have plenty of animals. Join us for a mini farm tour when we feed the farm animals in the afternoons. Guests have the chance to hand feed some of them and capture some lovely pictures.
The Alpacas and goats enjoy meeting the guests

Farm animal tours

Sou'West Cottages have a variety of farm animals. We offer farm tours for a small fee.

Our guests are welcome to meet the animals, but please do not enter the paddocks unless one of the family are with them. And gates must remain shut at all times.

Our extended family

Belted Galloway steers and cows at different ages, which are inquisitive so you can photograph them but still can not be patted.

3 Alpacas, 2 can be patted when being fed. But they do spit if they feel threatened. This has only happened once, so please be aware. They get shorn once a year and their fibre is sold on to make beautiful garments.

Our goat Dan who will follow us around the paddock and enjoys a pat.

2 cats. Ranga who thinks he's a dog so will attend most farm tours if he can. Rosie who is a little more timid and prefers to be inside.

4 horses. Wee Man our older Quarter horse. Jeff a standard bred. Khalessi a quarter horse x paint and Bella, Kelsey's Welsh Mountain pony. We do not offer horse riding, but a local company not too far away can cater for this. Our guests are welcome to groom the horses and spend time with them with they wish.

2 dogs. Our old girl Neve an Italian Sheepdog. 

Dea a German short haired pointer cross Labrador, who is a  purpose bred hunting dog for Gareth to take hunting for game.

3 sheep, who were all orphans. Lambie who is 7, Tony 6 and Max the ram who is 1. They also get shorn once a year. Unfortunately the sheep wool is not worth too much anymore.

Also lots of hens and a rooster to look after the girls. Our guests are welcome to collect fresh eggs for breakfast providing the girls haven't gone on strike.